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The 20 Best Discord Bots For Server Admins

Discord bots are best suited for use with discord servers, and is best used by discord admins. The best discord bots help in many ways, such as managing large groups of people, providing fun through games and adding more functionality to the server. There are a variety of best discord bots on the market today that can be installed on your own personal computer or even hosted on their own servers. This article will cover some of the best discord bot creators on the market today.

The 20 Best Discord Bots

1 – MEE6 – MEE6 is a discord bot that allows you to automate tasks like posting memes, polls and announcements.

2 – Dyno – Dyno is best for automated moderation of your discord server, such as bans and muting users.

3 – Nightbot – Nightbot best used by YouTube streamers to help manage their live streams with features like song requests and chat moderation.

4- Slash Commands – Slash Commands best for adding in game functionality into your discord server, like chatting in-game.

5 – Joinable – best for automatically adding users to servers when they join the server you are on.

6 – Muxy – best for tracking chat activity between two or more discord servers.

7- Retired Bots  – Retired bots best for managing discord servers, like banning users and spam management.

8- Dank Memer – best for adding memes into your discord server.

9 – Custom Commands  – best for adding custom commands to your discord server with regex support, you can also do image manipulation on the fly.

10 – Notifications  – best for managing notifications in your discord servers, like muting group DMs or leaving channels.

11 – MyCodes – best for setting up and coding custom bots that require specific commands or actions.

12- Gamify  – best for creating points and leveling up on discord servers, best used with text channels.

13 – Websockets  – best for real time chat tracking between users without any lagging (server dependent).

14 – Mee6 Alternatives  – best for best alternatives to Mee6 discord bots.

15 – Bot Listings – best for finding specific types of discord bots by category, like moderation or music.

16 – GameStats  – best for adding game stats to your chat with player count, map and mode.

17- Ban Management – best for banning multiple user accounts at once on discord servers.

18- Group DM  – best best best best best best best best best best best best

19- Party Parrot  – can’t be mentioned enough, party parrot is the most used bot on the discord platform.

20 – ErisBot  – best for adding custom commands, setting timers and updating users on new chat activity.

Do You Need Discord Bots?

Yes, Discord bots are best suited for discord admins who manage their servers. For example, if you want to make announcements or even moderate your server with ease best getting a discord bot. If you want more features in game best trying out different best discord bots that can help fulfill what it is that you require for the best experience when playing games on discord servers.

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