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Tinder Bots

Tinder bots are a growing problem because they ruin the user experience for other users on the platform.

How Can You Spot A Tinder Bot?

– There is a button that says ‘Super Like’ if you meet someone and it’s lit up, then she’s probably not a tinder bot.

– If they don’t message you back after you’ve matched (if you like them and they like you), then she’s probably not a tinder bot.

– If their profile doesn’t have any mutual friends or interests, then she’s probably not a tinder bot.

How Can You Get A Tinder Bot?

There are a lot of tinder bots on the internet for purchase. They are listed under the directory tinder bots on reddit.

If you wanted to make your own tinder bot, here is one you could follow:

– Find a site that has girls’ Tinder IDs (you can find them by Googling “How To hack tinder accounts” or something similar)

– After finding the Tinder ID, take note of how many mutual friends she has with other people in the directory list of tinder bots/buy tinder bots websites

– Set up several fake gmail accounts so you have at least 2 different emails, plus 3 more for good measure. You need two to buy stuff online and another three for when you forget your passwords so they don’t lock you out. Even though this is not likely, you want to be as prepared as possible.

– Make a Facebook account with one of your fake emails and use that email to make another Gmail account (you do this so Tinder doesn’t link the gmail accounts together)

– You will need at least two Instagram accounts: one for your first actual Facebook account and for one for the second Gmail account (again, you do this so Tinder doesn’t figure out it’s linked). If you become successful using this method on tinder, don’t forget to unfollow all your friends from these Instagrams or you might be caught!

– After setting up all of those things (tinder IDs, fake social media profiles), open your browser and go to

– After making an account, take note of the tinder ID number next to the “choose Tinder ID” button on the left side

– Then go to and choose your first fake Gmail account for this request

– The fake email account will then take you to a page that says something like “Please enter your password”

– Enter in one of your three fake passwords (that don’t end up being real either), press enter, and go back to Super Loader Exchange

– Now it should say something like “Please select one or more items from the list below” with all different types of tinder bots to choose from

– Choose the tinder bot of the girl whose Tinder ID is on the left side, then press submit on that page

– Go back to your fake Gmail account and click “login” in the top right corner. If it says “Login Successful”, then go back to Super Loader Exchange!

– Press choose on the tinder bot of the girl on the left again, but this time on the next page you want to choose one of her mutual friends instead so she has more than one friend, OR two if it’s less than two. Then press submit.

– After submitting for a third time (two times with different girls’ IDs), you will be taken back to Super Loader Exchange with an order number for your tinder bot

– After having an order number, go back to your fake Gmail account and click “login” in the top right corner again. If it says “Login Successful”, then go back to Super Loader Exchange (the one you were on when you got your order number)!

– Press “Checkout” on the top right of this page and enter in your credit card information since you will need a way for them to pay you once they approve the purchase. Then press submit.

– Now press login again on your fake Gmail account and it should take you to a page that says something like “Thank You For Your Order! Your order has been received…” with a link that says something like “Click here to get more instructions”

– Click that link, then on the next page you should see directions on how to get the tinder bot onto your phone with screenshots. Follow exactly what it says so you don’t kill your account or get caught!

– Now go find some girls on tinder in a city with a good male to female ratio, like San Francisco. But in order for this method not to be suspicious when talking with these girls, only swipe right on them the first few times because if they are bots then after about five pictures their accounts will be deleted for being fake

– After finding some matches, open up the tinder bot account and start swiping right just as many times as they have photos

– If there are 12 photos, then swipe right on them 12 times

– If there are 15 photos, swipe right on them 15 times

– The fake tinder bot will be able to make it look like you actually swiped right a lot by swiping left the first few times the girl pulls up her dating cards. Then she’ll go away and come back with a match if she is real!

Are Tinder Bots Safe?

Tinder bots are not very safe in the sense that it’s pretty obvious when you’re talking to a bot, but I’ve had more success with fake accounts than real ones.

Are Tinder Bots Caught On Purpose?

Yes, if somebody is killed too many times then their account will be deleted for being fake. That’s why only swipe right the first few times and talk to them for like five minutes before swiping left and moving on!

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you for reading this short article. Please let me know if I made any errors and feel free to ask questions! Thanks again.

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