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Name Ideas For Bots & Chatbots

Bots are everywhere these days. From Facebook Messenger to Google Home, even the bot on your phone is getting smarter. But what do you name them? What bot names work best for chatbots and customer service bots?

Here are some suggestions that can help get you started!

Name Bot Ideas

Cecil: This bot will make your coffee and tell you about the company

Joey: This bot is ready to support you in the chat box!

Eve: The bot that can help answer all your questions.

Chad: Here for customer service 24/7

Bruce: Helping you find the bot best suited for your needs

Paul: The bot that pays attention to detail

Jerry: Bot on the go!

Caroline: This bot helps you find food based on your location

Steve: The bot that keeps up with your orders.

Name Ideas For Chatbots & Bots Focused On Customer Service

Alexa: Are you enjoying this bot? We hope so! It’s here to help make everything even better for you.

Oscar: Here for customer service six days a week, twelve hours a day. He’d love to chat!

Audrey: Ready to answer general knowledge questions or provide information about your account without having to wait for a human customer support agent.

Stella: This bot can help you place orders, make suggestions and even bring up previous orders to save you time.

Steve: The bot that can help you in a tough spot.

Name Ideas For Bots That Can Help You In A Variety Of Ways

Veronica: Here to help you find your way around town, through the bot app. Just ask away!

Judy: Ready for your order? Get your meal picked out with this bot by just typing what you want! There is no need to call the restaurant when you have this bot on hand.

Edgar: A bot that be activated by voice or text to find you a table at a restaurant and give you information about the menu.

Bill: The bot that handles all your orders, even those from the bot app.

Trudy: She’s good with food, she can help suggest dishes or place an order for you from any bot as well as suggesting places to go out to eat by just asking her!

Name Ideas For Bots & Chatbots That Are Ready To Help In A Busy Workplace

Riley: Here to help with your coffee needs in the morning before work. So much better than going without!

Alice: This bot works around the clock to find restaurants near you by just typing in what kind of food you’re looking for! It will even suggest dishes for you.

Peggy: Ready to help organize your life? This bot will help you make schedules, send reminders or even find time in your day when you are busiest to take a break!

Wilma: The bot that saves the day by finding an appointment in your email and setting it up with just one click.

And much more! These bot names are ready to shine on the screen or chat app of your choice. Try out different ideas until you find one you love!

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