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How To Make A Sneaker Bot From Scratch

Before we jump into the guide, let’s get one thing cleared up first…

Is Botting Illegal?

I’m not a legal professional, but no. The only thing that sneaker botting could be called by some is trespassing (since you make use of someone’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account without their permission) and the only reason I’d agree to this claim would be if the person making use of your social media account had set it so their posts are private. If it were me, I wouldn’t make any posts with my main account though since it’s much too risky for me personally!

Also make sure you don’t try anything stupid, like accuse anyone who gets mad at you for following them on Twitter of being racist just because they’re white – yes, people have gotten arrested already for this!

Do NOT make any posts about sneaker botting, make posts that make use of sneaker bots or make posts that make people look like they make use of sneaker bots – it’s simply not worth the risk. You have been warned!

So how exactly does a sneaker bot make you money?

A sneaker bot is a simple software program that automates the process of buying and selling sneakers. It logs on to the reseller’s website, finds an item for sale, buys it at market price from whoever is selling it, then lists it on the site again with a profit margin. In other words, if someone wants to make some quick cash by flipping shoes online, they can just make a sneaker bot in order to do all of the heavy lifting for them!

In this article we’ll be going over what you need in order to make your own sneaker bots and how they work so that you can start generating some extra income today!

First, You Need To Understand Programming Languages:

At the most basic level, a sneaker bot is nothing more than a computer program that runs in the background. You might be surprised to learn that there’s probably already a program on your computer right now that you don’t even know about! A lot of popular programs like iTunes and Spotify make use of what are known as ‘bots’ (short for robots) which make it possible to install new software on your computer automatically without having to open up an installer or even download anything. If you’re interested, I’ve attached an example below:

The above image is from iTunes but any program can make use of bots if they so choose.

So why do we want some sort of bot? Well bots also make it possible for us to make our own custom software that can automatically communicate with certain websites, which is what we’ll be doing!

Now where does the sneaker bot come in? Well, in order for it to work properly, you need three different parts: A program that will make use of a script or ‘bot’ to log on and buy something from an online store An arbitrage calculator so that your program knows how much money it will make by selling on another website (explained more below) The actual sneaker bot that carries out the buying and selling process

#1. Write Your Own Sneaker Bot (With Bots!)

I’m not going to go into too much detail here since this post would end up being way too long but this is a great way to make some extra money while learning a new programming language! If you’ve never coded before, don’t worry – the nice thing about bots is that they’re pretty much already made for us! The hardest part of creating your own sneaker bot from scratch will be finding one that actually works and then figuring out how it works. Fortunately, there are bunches of other people out there who may have the same idea as you and make their own bots available online. One good place to start looking would be at a site called where other people make their computer code available for download by anyone else in order to make changes or use it however they want:

So what should I make?

Well if you just want a simple sneaker bot that will make you a bit of extra money on the side, I recommend looking into ‘Botted It’. At the time of writing this article, BottedIt is one of the best and most updated sneaker bots out there. You can make your own version by following these two guides:

“I don’t want to make my own bot! Can’t someone make it for me?”

Unfortunately not… There’s no such thing as a free lunch, with Bots especially. If you want something done then you’re going to need to do it yourself but if that’s too much effort, you can always make use of someone else’s hard work by hiring out an Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon MT is a service where you pay someone to do something for you that would take too much time or be too difficult for your own computer to figure out how to do. There are lots of jobs available on Amazon MT but one example might be looking at images and labelling what they are. So if you want help making a sneaker bot, all you’d have to do is give me the specs and how I should make it behave and I’ll make it happen!

#2. Calculating Your Profit Margin

This is probably one of the most important parts in creating your sneaker bot since without knowing how much money you’re going to make, there’s no way to make it worthwhile.

Thankfully this is actually the easiest part of the process since all you need to know is how much your sneaker costs. We’ll make use of an site called livekicks or any other sneaker selling website that gives you prices in USD. So if your sneakers are listed for $120, then simply take that number and divide it by 1 USD (so 120/1) which will make it look like this:

120/1 = 120 We do this because we want our bot to make us money instead of losing it – so whatever price you see on another website divided by 1 USD means how much more expensive they are compared with buying them directly from Nike! Ex: If the sneaker was $120 and it said that it’s selling for $250 on another website, then that means we make $130 profit. This number will vary depending on what you’re buying and how much it costs but if you check out a site called sneakerheadz , they have a fairly good guide to help make sense of this:

The way it works is pretty simple – You simply need to do some research about how much money people are making from reselling sneakers online and make your bot sell at a certain % above their price so you can make as much money as possible! So let’s say I wanted to make my own sneaker bot and I found a website where other people were listing their sneakers for an average of $300. If I wanted to make the most money possible, then I would make my sneaker bot sell at a price point of $450 so I make as much as possible and undercut everyone else on the market:

Personally, I recommend selling your sneakers for $100 over their value so you make as much profit as possible but it’s up to you. If you want to make more money faster simply make your bot list sneakers for higher prices or if you want to make less money per sale make your bot sell below market value but be aware that resellers are smart and will find out what sort of prices you’re selling at and buy/list them all at those lower prices instead.

#3. Creating A Sneaker Bot

There are a lot of sneaker bots on the market right now, many of them for free so make use of those to make your life easier. If you want to make a sneaker bot from scratch or just make one that will sell on Instagram, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Go on Google Chrome and download Tampermonkey

2. Go onto Sneakers Bot’s GitHub page and click ‘clone or download’ then ‘download zip’.

3. Unzip it into a separate folder which should make a .user.js file appear

4. Open up Chrome

5. Click hamburger icon in top right > tools > extensions

6. Turn developer mode on

7. Click load up extension and upload that .user.js file

8. Make sure to make a copy of the sneaker bot somewhere so you don’t lose it

9. If there’s any bugs make sure to report them on GitHub and make use of their support team!

#4. Sneaker Bots On Instagram

Instagram bots are actually much easier than making your own sneaker bot since no coding is involved – all you need is an account and the right hashtags to watch for! There’s many different ways to find popular hashtags but let’s just go with one: simply search #sneakers and sort by popularity to see which ones have the most posts, then make a list:

Right now we’re interested in looking for popular posts with the hashtags that have a high amount of likes and just make a list of them in a notepad – this way we can make an Instagram sneaker bot that will go through these hashtags and search for sneakers to buy.

So what you would need to do is make an Instagram account, get it verified so it doesn’t get banned, make sure you have at least 200 real followers so people trust your account, make your bio seem legit (I recommend making it about how you sell sneakers from the best brands etc), make sure you enable two-factor authentication and disable notifications in the settings and then make your profile private! Now we’ll make our sneaker bot:

If you decided to download Tampermonkey like I said earlier, make sure you have it open on a separate browser and make use of the Tampermonkey Dashboard to make your bot.

#5. Sneaker Bots On Twitter

On Twitter, there’s a few different things we can do:

1. We can make a sneaker bot that follows people who post with certain tags (like #sneakers) and unfollow them if they don’t follow back within a certain number of days, usually 3-5;

2. Or we can make an actual sneaker bot for buying sneakers directly from tweets that contain links to buy sneakers online (most commonly by Footlocker, Finishline and Nike itself):

3-1 On the one hand we can make a sneaker bot that follows people who post with certain tags and make it follow back within a certain amount of time if they don’t follow us back so we can make sure our sneakers bot stays ‘realistic’ – how this works is the sneaker bot will make use of Twitter’s API to find out all the recent posts containing those hashtags, make a list, go through them one-by-one and make it follow back anyone who doesn’t follow us;

3-2 On the other hand we can make an actual sneaker bot for buying sneakers directly from tweets that contain links to buy sneakers online (most commonly by Footlocker, Finishline and Nike itself). This way you put in your email, tell it to make use of the sneaker link and make it check every few minutes so you don’t miss out on anything.

#6. Sneaker Bots On Facebook

This one is actually pretty easy – make an actual sneaker bot for buying directly from posts that contain links to buy sneakers online (most commonly by Footlocker, Finishline and Nike itself). The reason I said this is because Facebook won’t allow you to make a sneaker bot without their approval since they want to make sure the user base stays safe – make sure to make your sneaker bot email different from all other emails though.

It’s also worth noting that bigger brands release their new collections on Instagram first, then make them appear on Twitter, then make them go to Facebook and make sure they appear on the brand’s website as well.

You could make an Instagram sneaker bot and make it check all those three at once, but I believe you’d make more money if you make a Twitter sneaker bot or a Facebook sneaker bot instead since those two platforms have much bigger market shares than Instagram does.

#7. Sneaker Bots On Reddit

Reddit is even easier than Twitter: just make an account, follow all relevant subreddits (so basically just follow every relevant subreddit that has “sneakers” in the title) and then go to /r/SneakersBotList or something similar to find out the best sneaker bots currently around – keep in mind that most of these won’t make it, but that’s to be expected.

#8. Sneaker Bots On Snapchat

As far as I know there isn’t any way to make a sneaker bot for buying directly from posts on Snapchat, so the only viable option is to make an Instagram sneaker bot and make it check all three of them at once: your account, Footlocker and Finishline (although make sure you make use of good filters when going through all the pictures).

#9. Sneaker Bots On Tumblr

I really don’t know how to make a sneaker bot for buying directly from Tumblr since I’ve never made an account there before, but if you were able to get notified when new sneakers are posted on Footlocker and Finishline then you could make an Instagram sneaker bot instead and just go through all their pictures at once every few minutes..

#10. Sneaker Bots On Spotify

Pretty similar to Instagram, make an account and then make it follow all relevant playlists on there while also making sure you make use of good filters so you don’t miss anything that’s worth buying – some people have reported finding out about new sneaker releases by listening to songs mentioning them in the lyrics.

The same goes for SoundCloud I believe, make an account and make it follow all relevant playlists while also making sure you make use of good filters so you don’t miss anything that’s worth buying – some people have reported finding out about new sneaker releases by listening to songs mentioning them in the lyrics.

Making A Sneaker Bot From Scratch: Conclusion

Yes, make a sneaker bot. I’m not going to make it public since it’s my personal one and all that, but make sure you follow our Twitter for the latest updates on the site!

(Disclaimer: This article was written by an independent writer)

Sincerely – Contributor For The Botting Blog Team

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