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How To Get Unbanned From Runescape

Endless hours of questing, grinding, and killing stuff in Runescape will often lead to the account being banned.  It’s not uncommon for people who don’t know how to play responsibly or are just looking for an excuse to be lazy, to get themselves banned from their favorite game.  The ban can be very frustrating because it can prevent you from doing anything in the game at all. There are many reasons why someone might get banned depending on the situation but it is important that if this happens then they need to take action right away so they can have a chance of getting unbanned again.

Fortunately, there are easy steps that anyone with a suspended account needs to follow in order for them to have any hope of having their account unbanned.  The first step is that they need to contact the company that is hosting the game.  It is best if they contact them as soon as they can, even before deciding on how they want to act.  This way the person will be more likely to have their account reinstated.

Steps To Getting Your RuneScape Account Unbanned:

Contact the game hosting company (Jagex)  as soon as possible. Don’t act up if you get banned so that you don’t do any further damage to your account. Follow all of Jagex’s rules while playing your alternative account.

The contact for this is located on their official website at . There are different ways to get in touch with them but one of the easiest ways is through Reddit because it allows users to send messages anonymously without having to worry about getting caught by anyone else who might report them for doing something wrong.  Reddit can be found at . Most bans last around 2 weeks but some can last very long or even forever depending on the severity of the ban.

If the person wants to hope to get their account unbanned they will need to contact Jagex and try to prove that they are actually sorry for what they did.  They should also provide any information about why they were banned so it can be used as evidence on their behalf.  Jagex will only unban an account if the person who received the ban tells them exactly why it happened, not just that it happened or how long of punishment is left on their account.  Once this is successfully completed then they just have to wait patiently until Jagex accepts them back into RuneScape with all of their stuff intact on their main accounts (with no secondary accounts).  

This is the most important step for getting an account unbanned.  Taking it seriously will be the difference between getting banned for a day, a week, or forever.

Alt Account Guidelines:

Some Jagex rules that are common sense to follow on both your main and alternative accounts are as follows:

– Spend hours upon hours grinding every day (optional)   (This is also considered scumming by some people).

  – Don’t play with friends unless you want to get yourself reported too.

  – Don’t use third-party programs such as RuneScape bots or macros if not using them to make money.

The last part of this process is waiting until Jagex can get around to checking and approving your account and giving back everything that you earned while playing RuneScape.  This step can be very frustrating if it takes more than a week because the person will just want to give up and never play RuneScape again.  The key to getting unbanned in this situation is patience, once the account is allowed back in then everything is good and all that’s left is to rebuild what was lost during the ban time.


Getting banned from RuneScape is one of the worst things that can happen to a person who enjoys playing this game.  They will be unable to do anything for as long as their account remains suspended which can seriously damage their progress.  However, it is important that they follow all of the rules after receiving a punishment like this because Jagex won’t allow some people back in if they don’t take responsibility for what happened.  

Follow these steps and you should have your account back within 2 weeks!  

Thanks for reading.

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