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Best Proxies For Sneaker Botting In 2021

Sneakers have always been one of the most popular items people want to buy online and resell for profit. Many people would rather buy sneakers than invest in stocks because it is much more profitable. It’s not surprising that many bots were created for this purpose as well. In order to find a proxy that works best with your bot, you need to test out different proxies from various websites until you find one that doesn’t cause any errors or delays when using your bot software.

In this blog post I will be going over some of my favorite proxies for sneaker bots and why I think they are the top proxies.

Why Do You Need A Proxy For Botting?

A sneaker bot can make you a lot of money if used properly. However, your proxy is the only thing standing between your sneakers and someone else buying them right from under you. You can never be too safe when it comes to proxies, as bots are now programmed with better IP recognition that prevents users from using two proxies at the same time. Sneakers websites do not like this and will cancel all orders made by those trying to use multiple proxies at once.

You need a new IP every time you buy something so that no one gets away with stealing your order, or worse: cancelling it completely! A sneaker website can tell whether or not an order has been cancelled because the user’s IP has changed since their last purchase.

The Best Proxies For Sneaker Bots In 2021

  • ProxyCow – ProxyCow is my favorite proxy service because it is fast and has a low latency. The proxies ProxyCow uses are some of the best, and they have some of the cheapest prices for proxies on their website. The proxies also work very well with most sneaker bots, which makes them ideal for botting sneakers.
  • Ninja Proxies
  • Stealth Proxy
  • Hide My Ass!
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