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Best Twitter Bot 2020

What is A Twitter Bot?

Let’s get back to basics, a twitter bot is a sweet little automated piece of software that can step up your twitter game massively.  A successful Twitter account has daily engagement with its followers. Keeping engagement up can be a tedious and huge task. It’s no wonder that huge corporations have people who make it their careers to handle twitter accounts. Unless you have the money to hire someone to handle your twitter or the ability to change time and space making unlimited hours in your day then a twitter bot is perfect for you or your business. Liking tweets, automatic tweets and following accounts with a similar remit to your own can all be achieved through the use of a bot, allowing your account to look professional and grow. 

Why Use a Twitter Bot?

It’s simple really, running a business is like fighting a war, twitter is just another battle on the way to victory. Successfully using a Twitter bot allows you to keep ahead of the competition, securing that victory that is so essential in modern business. 

Being 2020, everyone from the Pope to 3 year olds are on twitter, so it’s no surprise that even if your twitter game is on point, your still struggling. It’s because your account and your actions are simply getting lost, getting drowned in the sea of tweets that are tweeted every second. It doesn’t matter if you’re announcing a ground-breaking business idea. There’s 330 million twitter accounts, there’s a strong chance that it’ll simply be lost. 

So what tools should you use?


One problem with using bots, is that it doesn’t exactly put you in Twitter’s good books. That’s if you get caught of course. Where Twesocial really distinguishes itself against its competitors is its ability to make your growth look real and organic.

Twesocial is great if you want a service that you can set up and forget. They offer advanced targeting features and they can manage your growth through their case managers.  


What I love about Jarvee is its pretty neat Dashboard, that makes you feel like you’re about to handle the launch of Apollo 10. One downside is that you have to have Windows for this bot. 

Jarvee is a tried and tested bot, having been one of the first bits of software onto the market. It’s got a proven track record, where other bots have failed Jarvee has stayed strong. 

It can be a bit tricky to use. Jarvee has produced several video tutorials to help overcome this, that I strongly recommend you have a look at before delving into this bot. 


One of the biggest challenges with growing your twitter account is the time needed. Hypegrowth claims it can save you five hours a day. Now we could all use five extra hours in the day. What’s pretty cool about Hypegrowth is that they handle it all for you. You fill out a short survey, on what type of growth you want and they take it from there. Hypegrowth looks after everything which is perfect if you want to focus on other areas of your business or life. 

Social Oomph

Social Oomph doesn’t just focus on twitter, it wants to support you and your business gain a presence online. Social Oomph’s dedicated team can support your from pretty much anything, whether it be small stuff as scheduling tweets to more complex stuff such as managing a an online team. 

Manage Flitter 

What’s perhaps the coolest feature from Manage fitter is their service Powerpost. When you tweet, Powerpost comes into play, helping your tweets get more visibility and engagement. 

Manage flitter is perfect if you’re just getting started with Twitter bots. There is a free version which is great if you want to have a try.

Tweet attacks pro

Tweet attacks pro is another level. This awesome bit of software is perfect if your boss has been cheeky and asked you to manage all the firms twitter accounts and his own! What’s pretty sweet about Tweet attacks pro is that it has the capability to handle not just one, nor two but multiple twitter accounts, allowing you to watch them all grow and develop. 

Tweet Attacks Pro is perfect for the business user, it allows you to categorise the accounts you manage, making life oh so easier. Especially if you’re running a business as well! It’s a pretty streamlined online experience, with API integration and slick smart task settings. 

Social pilot 

Social Pilot is perhaps the most diverse offering of any of the bots we’ve discussed about. Whether you’re after a full service or just a little helping hand. Social Pilot has got your back. I think Social Pilot is great if like me, you’ve got a series of tweets you need to publish over the next few days, but no time to actually tweet them. You can set up social pilot to tweet on a specific date and time. Making planning in advance so easy. 


Agropulse is a little bit of a trade secret. If you’re in the business of making your twitter look slick then Agropulse is a good place to start. What makes Agropulse pretty special is that its customizable service allows its software to help you with everything you may need, or just give you a little helping hand. I think the coolest feature with Agropulse is its Automatic troll remover, allowing you to tweet carefree without having a stream of negative comments or your business rivals playing sneaky games! You can manage more than one account with Agropulse and what’s more, you can also have premade comment reply templates, allowing you to customise the interaction with your followers. 


Audiense is one of the most popular twitter bots on the market. It has a pretty cool direct messaging feature. This is super useful if you want to turn followers into customers. Audiense has a pretty diverse customer base, from travel bloggers to businesses. However, it can be quite complicated, only experienced twitter users may be comfortable using this software. 


It’s a well known fact that the most important thing in business is know what your competitors are doing. This is certainly true with Twitter. If you’re a business, and you want to know what your competitor is doing, or even get some inspiration from them. Then Tweriod is perfect for you. Tweriod also allows you to focus on your engagement. Its software allows you to see which of your followers are the most engaged, who’s liking or retweeting your tweets. Knowing what your followers are like means you can tailor your future engagement.  


Perhaps one of the biggest worries that you may have about using a twitter bot is that you have no control over your brand reputation. Yes, your brand or account may be trending and have a high engagement. We all know that old saying, that any press, even bad press, is good press. Well, with Twitter that’s a lie. You don’t want your business to gain a negative reputation simply because of your twitter account. 

That’s where Twilert comes into play. You can link this software with you Google alerts. Any interaction your account receives, you’ll be the first to know about it. 

With more control over your account, you have more control about interactions with individual accounts. Allowing you to make your followers feel special as you cater for individuals, groups or other brands. 

There’s a pretty cool private chat option with Twilert as well!


Buffer is a pretty sweet bot. Its dashboard is perfect if you want to be super organised, its easy layout allows you to plan and publish your content. 

The team at buffer are a step above other bots on the market. They can help you get out content and even help you find other accounts or brands to collaborate with. 


The nature of twitter means that a lot of the 330 million accounts are fake or inactive. Don’t you wish there was a tool where you could see how many of your followers were fake? Well this is where Tweepi comes into play. Tweepi identifies fake accounts in your twitter community allowing you to purge them, Why have followers that aren’t going to do anything, or more importantly do anything? Tweepi can also help you replace those fake followers with real ones. Its software will allow you too place your content in front of real followers. This will allow you to create a useful community, which is vital if you’re a brand that uses Twitter to sell your products or services. 


Have you found your twitter feed is often clogged up with random tweets or tweets you don’t really care about? I mean if you’re running a business do you have time to learn about Auntie Val’s new dog?

This is where Nuzzle comes into its own. It’s a great tool in helping you find tweets that really matter, removing most of the garbage tweets you’ll see every day.

Nuzzle is pretty unique in its ability to link other apps too its services. Nuzzle is also the only Twitter bot we know that has its own app, pretty useful if you don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer every day!


If you’re a bit like Bill Gates and a data lover then TweetStats is for you. TweetStats software allows you to keep track of what your tweets are doing, whether it’s hourly, daily, or monthly.

Perhaps one of the best things about TweetStats is that it is free. I’d highly recommend TweetStats if you’re just dipping you’re toe into the world of twitter bots. 

I can’t really give you a definite answer on which twitter bot is best for you, but what I can tell you that in today’s ever changing world of social media and business, keeping ahead of trends and a strong engagement is essential. Using a twitter bot is the perfect way to keep yourself ahead of the curve and make your twitter engagements slick and easy, whilst growing a community of followers.

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