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social media bot

A bot can give you an extra virtual hand, performing online activities for you without you even having to day anything! It’s because of this that bots are immensely popular tools for digital marketers, gamers and just about anyone who wants to make their online life easier. If it needs a user input… a bot can probably do it.

At Botting Blog, we’ve reviewed all the best bot automation software to help you start your botting journey 🙂

Learn About Bots That Help You Make Money

Find the #1 Sneaker Bot

What’s a sneaker bot?

When a new sneaker is released by one of the leading companies, such as Nike, footlocker, footasylum and Adidas releases a new shoe, the sneaker bot places orders without you needing to sit there, sweating your heart out because you’re scared you’re going to miss the next best thing! 

Alongside preventing you from missing out on the next best thing, sneaker bots are great for shoe merchants who can make a killing selling rare sneakers online.

Bot for sneaker release
Bitcoin factory removebg preview

Learn How To Beat The Market With Crypto Trading Bots

Over the last decade, cryptocurrency markets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown themselves to be somewhat predictable, with certain technical indicators accurately predicting good times to buy and sell. Cryptocurrency bots can be used according to sets of preferences to buy an sell cryptocurrency at certain times to optimize profits for crypto traders.

Build Authority In Your Online Community


Twitch Bots For Inspirational Gamers

Automate twitch to comments and view automatically to create engagement with your favourite Twitch communities. 

Automate Your Instagram To Get Engagement

Find out how botting can help you create more engagement on Instagram without working tirelessly to manually like other peoples posts. Also, learn which bots are the safest and come with no risk to the integrity of your account.

Instagram Bot
Twitter bot

Twitter Bots

Garner nearly as many (but less annoying) twitter fans as Justin Bieber by automating the time-consuming process of finding followers and interacting with them all. Make your profile one that people want to follow by making it engaging with constant activity!


Fulfil your dreams of dominating the Old School Runescape servers by educating yourself on how to use bots to accumulate more resources and become a more powerful player.